IT Services Company Says Dunlap Reps Handoff is Seamless

Overview of Client – This is an IT Services company who specializes in technology applications such as Virtualization, Data Center, Managed IT and Professional IT Services. As a 22-year-old Texas company, they target businesses ranging from 25 employees on up to midsize enterprises. This interview was conducted with the President/CEO. At the time of the interview […]

Closing a Single Sale from Dunlap Marketing Leads Pays for a Full Year of Service

Client Overview – This banker has been a customer of Dunlap Marketing for 4 ½ years and has received approximately 400 appointments with Houston businesses.  Target annualized revenues for these businesses ranged from $1M to $10M. What is the most significant way you bring new business customers into the bank?  “By far and away a major […]

Bank’s CEO values business-to-business appointments set by Dunlap Marketing

How can business-to-business appointments help your sales team? The following interview was conducted with the CEO of a bank client in spring 2014 – read through the Q&A session to get a good idea of the success this bank has had with Dunlap Marketing’s appointment setting and lead generation services. Overview of Client: This client […]