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Targeted Appointment Setting
for Industrial ​Sales ​& Service

Appointment Setting
for Industrial ​Sales and Service

With 22 years of nation-wide "business-to-business" experience, Dunlap Marketing is highly skilled in scheduling appointments  and identifying qualified leads.

​​​Top 5 Areas ​That Will Increase Sales in 2019:     

​Untouched or undeveloped prospects     |    ​New market ​development     |    ​Idle or inactive customers         

​New product or services introduction     |     ​Geographic expansion

(in-person and phone meetings) and identifying qualified leads.

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We will develop a pilot program specific to your ​requirements and budget.

Generate positive ROI when the following elements are present:

  • Reoccurring delivery of products and services
  • Higher invoice amounts
  • Positive margins
  • Net new business gains

What our customers are saying:

  • "Great job, keep the appointments coming" Kevin - Commercial roofing systems - Aug, 2018
  • "18 of the 23 idle customers you spoke with signed up for the winterization process.  Please tell you team thanks for the bookings." Jen - Maintenance services - Oct, 2018
  • "Thank you Kaitlin, the appointments are working out nicely.  Tell the team thanks for the great effort" Jason - Industrial CRM - July, 2018
  • "Thanks for the new round of appointments, the productivity rate is very good" Brent - Planning software - Oct, 2018

​​We apply basic and fundamental discipline to your prospecting efforts:

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