Dunlap Marketing’s mission is to help our clients achieve sales success through scheduling appointments and delivering lead opportunities with their target prospects who have an interest in pursuing a business ​relationship. Additionally, to maintain an honest, thought-driven, and results-orientated environment for our clients and employees.

Dunlap Marketing

Dunlap Marketing began when our founder and president, Mike Dunlap, realized the least favorable part of the sales cycle is prospecting for new business. Having 14 years of sales leadership under his belt at the time, Mike launched Dunlap Marketing in 1996. With the goal of solving a problem most sales teams have, Dunlap Marketing became a solution to ensuring sales funnels stay full, by giving companies the opportunity to outsource appointment setting and lead generation services.

"We specialize in making the quantity of calls, delivering only quality opportunities for you to close" - Mike Dunlap

Since 1996, Dunlap Marketing has supported thousands of companies across the United States. Serving a range of both Fortune 100 Companies to small businesses, our solutions have proven to be valuable.We support multiple industries with a handful of service offerings:

“I have used Dunlap Marketing for more than 10 years and find them to be absolute professionals. They are flexible and fun to work with. I highly recommend!” – Lori