Business to Business

The primary focus for Dunlap Marketing has always been Business to Business phone calls; appointment setting, lead generation and information gathering type calls.  There are a few important steps we take everytime we build a campaign for a client.

  • The first step in developing your campaign is based on “Achieving Success”
  • We then work with you on developing an “Implementation Process”.
  • Finally, sometimes it is difficult to project in advance what the results are going to be relating to a specific campaign.  When this is the case we recommend that you consider doing a “Pilot Project”

Our goal is for you to rehire us once the pilot project is complete.  Therefore it is our motivation to work hard and produce the type of results (credible selling opportunities) during the initial pilot project that make it easy for you to continually use Dunlap Marketing services.

One of our obligations to our clients is to create a work environment that is productive.  This requires a significant financial investment in computer telephony applications that are designed to support our calling staff.   Dunlap Marketing will utilize this technology in your campaign.

Business to Consumer

Achieving success for you is our goal.  If we achieve success, our hope is you will continue to use our telemarketing services.  Dunlap Marketing has made a significant financial investment which allows us to maximize our ability to perform successfully.  Consumer campaigns require the use of advanced computer telephony applications to power the dialing process for our staff members.

Next, it is critical that both Dunlap Marketing and our clients comply with all federal and state Do Not Call regulations.  We will guide you through this 15 minute process as part of our service.

Once compliant with Do Not Call, the next step in developing your campaign is based on “Achieving Success”.

We then work with you on developing an “Implementation Process”.

Finally, we agree on the scope of a “Pilot Project”.

Our goal is for you to rehire us once the pilot project is complete.  Therefore it is our motivation to work hard and produce the type of results (credible selling opportunities) during the initial pilot project that make it easy for you to continually use Dunlap Marketing services.

Commercial Banking

Appointment Setting Services for Commercial Banking
What Dunlap Marketing Does:

  • We set time and date appointments for your bank officers to meet with business owners and decision makers who have interest in discussing banking needs —- these appointments are a necessary first step if you want to develop new commercial business customers.

Why Banks Use Us:

  • They want to grow their commercial banking business
  • They know Dunlap Marketing has the “know how” for setting qualified appointments
  • They have a limited marketing staff who have the time, skills and desire to identify and make “initial contact” prospecting calls —-typically officers do not want to make these calls, nor is it an effective use of their time

Our Qualifications:

  • Since 1996 we have specialized in business-to-business prospecting services, with a major focus on the commercial banking services
  • We have a reputation within the banking community for being professional and very reliable
  • We employ polite, professional and skilled staff members who are capable of reaching and speaking with business executives and owners —-we will gladly provide you with a list of bank references, banks who have grown their commercial business as a result of our appointments
  • Knowledgeable management who oversee the day-to-day activities of your account
  • Over 90% of our bank customers continue using our services
  • We invest in your market database by retaining and cultivating future appointment opportunities

Steps We Take To Setup Your Campaign:
The following are typical steps we take while setting up a campaign for bank clients:

  • Identify the database of prospects
  • Data analysis includes research necessary to properly select the right type and size of companies that the bank wishes to communicate with.  Key elements include defining SIC criteria, annualized revenue ranges, geography (typically defined by zip code or city name), years in business, and headquarter or single location facilities
  • Pull the database and send to the bank for review, having the bank delete current customers and businesses they choose not to do business with
  • Dunlap Marketing calls to identify decision-maker names and confirm address information
  • Dunlap Marketing sends a letter of introduction to the companies on your bank letterhead (this step is not required but warms up the call)
  • We initiate follow up prospecting calls, identifying the prospect’s banking needs. The goal is to set time and date appointments.  During the conversation we qualify the opportunity by asking “what are two things you would change to improve your banking relationship?”
  • Forward appointments daily via e-mail in both Word and Excel formats, coordinating appointments with bank officer schedules
  • Schedule additional follow up prospecting calls as necessary to reach decision-makers we have not yet been able to speak with
  • Leave voice mail messages, with bank contact and call back number (optional)
  • Flag future call back requirements
  • Repeat the weekly process of sending letters and making follow up phone calls at a pace necessary to meet the required number of appointments to be set.

Read our client testimonials here.

What To Expect:
We identify businesses who have interest in:  establishing or expanding a line of credit, equipment financing, deposit services, SBA loans, building / real estate loans, accounts receivables financing and cash management services.

Pricing Information:
Pricing varies based on your unique requirements. Some of the questions we need answered to provide a proposal are:

  • How many appointments are requested each week?
  • Number of officers who will be participating in the program?
  • What is the annual revenue range of companies we will be calling?
  • Are there any geographical considerations (usually defined by zip code, banking center locations, city or metropolitan area)?
  • Unique scheduling criteria as defined by the calling officers

We typically price our services by the appointment; performance based pricing.  This allows you the ability to accurately budget costs and know exactly what you are receiving for dollars spent.  This form of pricing also communicates the confidence we have in our abilities to deliver quality information to you. Review Results and Appointment Examples

Political Polling and Research

There are common characteristics with political calling campaigns:

  • There is a need for quick implementation
  • High volume of phone calls that need to be made
  • The database of voters does not include phone numbers

In all situations Dunlap Marketing is great at overcoming these challenges.

Types of Political Calls

  • Pre-recorded messages – this is a very cost effective method of delivering your message to voters. Popular uses of pre-recorded calls include GOTV, deliver information about a candidate or to promote a particular cause or issue. Expect a delivery rate of 70% to 80% when playing the message to live answers and answering machines. You also have the ability to allow the voters to respond to the calls with a live transfer back to your campaign office. Setting up a pre-recorded campaign is simple and can be up and running within an hour.
  • Live agent calls – this method allows human-to-human interaction while promoting the message of a specific campaign or cause. Live agent calls foster a personal touch and are able to capture key information from voters that ultimately allow the campaign to adjust strategy as necessary. As with pre-recorded calls, Dunlap Marketing is able to implement quickly while using staff members who are skilled at making professional business calls.