Working inside the technology sector has proven to be a win-win for Dunlap Marketing and our clients. The Dunlap team is able to step into a role that many technology-focused sales teams do not enjoy – early phase business development. Dunlap Marketing has the knowledge to take on the task of getting your sales team in front of interested prospects.

Why Dunlap?

  • Save time and money on hiring and training an internal team for appointment setting – Dunlap Marketing has the infrastructure already set up to fill this gap for you
  • The Dunlap team has more than 2 decades of experience supporting various technology sales teams – we will gladly provide you a list of references
  • Let your team spend their time on warm prospects while Dunlap weeds through the uninterested

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“My company entered into an agreement with Dunlap Marketing to gain sales leads from calling efforts with certain parameters. The initiative was a HUGE success. We did an initial training to set correct expectations and to allow Dunlap Marketing to be able to speak intelligently about our technical offering. From there, they hit the ground running with tremendous success.

Dunlap Marketing provided reporting so their progress could be reviewed. We also had weekly calls discussing strategy to enhance the partnership. I have done this before with other marketing organizations and did not have the success that I had with the Dunlap Marketing Team. They are a great group of folks who take pride in their deliverable to you as a client.” – Brian