“Mike and the entire Dunlap team are the perfect business partners!  They are always anxious to help, whenever and wherever possible, and both Mike and Micah have nearly become surrogate A&S employees.  The team steps up every time I call – and the advice and counsel they give us to make campaigns completely successful is always appreciated.  We look forward to many, many more years of partnering with Mike and his team.  Best of luck in the next 25!” – Tom Casey, Vice President – Sales, Anthony & Sylvan Pools

“I love getting a warm lead for a prospect that is familiar with our product, interested in engaging in a conversation to learn more about how we can add value to their current management, and that the meeting is already set on their calendar.” – 3/2021 Regional Sales Manager

“Dunlap’s appointments always make for a great day! As a salesperson, having any additinoal tools in my belt is always a huge value add. Receiving a notification of a new lead or set appointment also acts as a morale booster. Thank you for the partnership, it is greatly appreciated” – 7/2019 Western United States Sales Representative

“Mike, I want to thank you so much for your continued personal care of our account managers and leads. It looks like another deal closed through your team’s efforts. Thank you so much and keep it up!” – 4/2017 International Marketing Team

“This has been a great lead – thanks! I really appreciate the work the Dunlap team does.” – 4/2017 Northwestern states

“The event was amazing! We had a great turnout and a lot of great new features. Your team was definitely helpful in getting us where we wanted to be. Working with you guys was a great experience.” – 4/2017 Global Safety Processes

“It went really well. Out of 18 face-to-face meetings, only 1 canceled at the last minute for both Dell and Comptell. Dell emailed me saying it was a great show with great meetings, this was good to hear. Thanks for your help, the Dunlap team did a wonderful job.” – 6/2016 Nationwide Event

“I sang your company’s praises last week at our meeting in Houston.  I think you’re people do a great job.” – 10/2015 Southeastern states

“We could not be more pleased with the outcome of the study and the work that Dunlap Marketing did.  Thank you so much.  You did absolutely everything we asked and completed the work on schedule! Thanks so much!” – 6/2015 Texas

“There was never a question in my mind if we would ever work together, just a question of when!  I can spot quality, honesty and integrity a mile a way and do all I can to incorporate those with the aforementioned core values into our project plans as possible. Thank you so much for working through the numerous opportunities we’ve had over the course of the many years we’ve know each other.  There’s something to be said about being persistent!” – 4/2015 Bryan, Texas

“Go-To Center” – Last month we took on a survey campaign that a long time client asked us to finish for them. It is unusual for us to be called in mid stream. Not knowing at the time, the survey had been quite challenging for our client to complete with their in-house resources; requiring numerous rounds of modification, and also being a “not-to-friendly” phone survey.

Challenges included:

  • Calling into a variety of demographic classifications
  • The inability to disclose the sponsor’s name
  • A lengthy survey that required patients with the respondent
  • A large number of completed surveys

After reviewing final results and accounting yesterday, all parties agreed today that the project was officially finished. Moments later I received emails from our client contacts that included gratitude along with descriptions like “relief” and “incredibly helpful”. The conclusion of one email said “I have Dunlap Marketing now listed as my go-to center, this survey was hard and had gone on for a long time and we are so thankful that you were able to get it completed.” 2/2015 Northwestern states

“I’ve been meaning to get back to you about the last seminar-of the 22 reservations, 11 showed up plus two additional from voice mail that you left. So a 50% attendance rate, which is great.  I will be contacting you later this month to do calls for another seminar.  Thanks” 2/2015 Texas

“Everything is going great with the new campaign.  We have had a number of face-to-face and telephone appointments already and we actually have a couple of promising opportunities working as a result of these meetings.  We are very pleased with your service and tell the guys they are doing a very good job.  We will sign up for a continuation campaign next week.” – Houston

“We were very pleased with the results of our initial campaign.  We will be moving forward soon with another calling campaign.  I just need some time to review our effectiveness at closing out the leads your crew delivered.  Again, we are very pleased!” – Houston

“We are very pleased with the recent implementation of our campaign, especially the leads that Dunlap Marketing has produced.  Compared to other telemarketing services we have used in the past, Dunlap is outstanding, keep up the good work.  We have identified two additional projects for you to start once you complete this project.” –  Toronto

“The data and the manner sent to us worked our very well.  The report has been written and will be sent within the hour to our client.  Thanks so much for your assistance – we look forward to working with you in the future.”  – Indiana

“Mike:  Both Troy and Terry asked me to tell you that the information you sent earlier this week is exactly what we were hoping for.  The appointments that were scheduled appears to be promising opportunities.   You and your staff are definitely on-point!” – 2/4/10 Houston

“Mike, I would like to thank you and your staff for the great appointments you have been providing my company.  They have all been set in the areas we asked for and we have been closing about 40% of the appointments we run.  Thanks again and keep up the good work!” – 9/17/09 Denver, CO
“I authorize you to charge the MasterCard for August work.  To give you a little update, after the first month of Dunlap Marketing calls we are in final negotiations with a deal valued around $5000 and 2 other solid appointments.    We appreciate your efforts and will keep you updated as we move more of these opportunities forward.  Keep up the good work.” – 8/13/09 Dallas, TX
“We had high expectations when we asked Dunlap Marketing to expand appointment setting services into two new markets for us, and you have exceeded our expectations with your results” 7/21/09 Houston, Austin and San Antonio, TX 

”Out of all the marketing programs that our bank uses, Dunlap Marketing has been the most productive tool we use in identifying new commercial customers.”  Austin, TX

“This is our first venture into seeking out call center services.  You and the Dunlap Marketing team have earned 5x the miniscule amount we are paying you!  You have held our hand the entire way…with all our phone conversations and countless emails—- never got you overwhelmed. YOU HAVE OUR FAITHFUL BUSINESS ALWAYS!” – Madison, NJ

“I want to complement your team on the quality of the Dunlap appointments that I have been receiving. Since the first of the year I have enjoyed several very good opportunities with companies that are very much interested in our bank services” – Dallas
“Mike, please tell your staff that they are doing a great job setting appointments for the bank. In some of my meetings with prospects, they have told me how pleasant the ladies were that initially called them to set up the appointments. To me, being a sales guy at heart, this is a good thing!” – Dallas

“The appointments have been valuable as we have extended almost $2MM in loans and have opened up numerous deposit accounts.  This type of activity clearly cost justifies your services”  – Midland

“I can tell you that about 1 in every 10 appointments result in new business for our bank; primarily loans and deposits.  We have had a few “great hits” – larger loans; a couple over $200K and couple over $1MM. These types of transactions generally do not occur on the first meeting. It is common for our officers to have multiple conversations and follow-up calls.  If it’s any indicator, our bankers really look forward to receiving Dunlap Marketing appointments.”  – Houston

“Over the years of using Dunlap Marketing services I find that I am able to close 1.6 out of every 10 appointments.  This is based on selling receivables financing programs.  These results more than pay for the cost of your services, plus your staff gives me back valuable time” – North Houston

“Of the 24 calls that I’ve gone on over the past two months, I would say 90% of them are very interested in what we have to offer and of that about one-third have situations that we can currently help with.  The other two-thirds feel that the service we offer is a very valuable one, and something they didn’t realize even existed (which is our main goal – to get the word out about our unique service).  Those two-thirds tell me that the first occasion they have to utilize us, they will certainly give me a call”  – South Texas