​The Dunlap team excels at the beginning phases of B2B prospecting. While utilizing our internally developed computer telephony CRM application, our prospecting services include making follow up calls, scheduling call backs, and cultivating “farm” leads*. Dunlap will make the quantity of calls required to identify quality opportunities for your company; we absorb much of the rejection encountered during early-phase prospecting, allowing us to direct only the qualified opportunities to your sales team.

A campaign can be perfectly planned out, expertly designed and developed, and have a creative message; however, that does not mean it will be successful. Business prospecting requires tactful persistence, which is Dunlap Marketing’s strength. Our campaigns are built to utilize multiple call attempts, allowing us to get deeper into the prospecting process.

*Farm leads, sometimes referred to as nurturing, are opportunities identified during the course of prospecting that typically require more development time and further confirmation before being sent to our clients

Why Dunlap?

  • By utilizing Dunlap Marketing, you will save your sales team endless hours doing work they do not want to do – let your team spend their time on warm prospects while Dunlap weeds through the uninterested
  • Business prospecting is a necessary step in the sales cycle – Dunlap will start the process for you, then pass the baton once an opportunity has been qualified
  • Our B2B prospecting team has an average of 10-12 years of experience per person – all team members are W2 employees who work inside our brick and mortar office

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“We have used Dunlap Marketing for prospecting services, and they do a great job. We have closed a couple of deals and will be using them again. They are very professional and fully understand what our business model is, how we go to business, and the proper way to get to the actual decision maker. If you are a business owner and need to get your pipeline filled, Dunlap Marketing is the place to go.” – Jason