Do You Need a Prospecting Coach?

Maximize your in-house prospecting efforts with guidance from an expert.

Lead generation and appointment setting are vital to the health of any business, it doesn't matter if the work is done in-house or hired out.  Either way, when done properly, the result is an increase in leads and appointments for your sales team, and this increases company revenue.  Logically there should be a corresponding increase in profitability.  When you optimize key areas like:

  • Database files (prospects and customers)
  • Call messaging (scripts)
  • Maximizing CRM and follow up tools
  • Staff training and commitment
  • Strategies such as "tactful persistence"
  • Reporting, measurement and inspection

The likelihood is your company already applies these steps.  However, if you believe “the devil is in the details”, there is probably opportunity to improve.  With a brief phone conversation, we will be able to determine if Mike Dunlap, Dunlap Marketing's founder, can help you improve.

Why Mike Dunlap?

We asked Mike, "Why you?" - here's what he said:

You know, I'm glad you asked.  I believe in the fundamentals of prospecting.  There must be a plan and there must be a process.  Like training for an endurance race, there are no shortcuts with preparation.  You must develop a smart plan, execute the plan and ultimately trust the plan.  When done properly, it is reasonable to expect successful outcomes. In competition this might include crossing the finish line or achieving a desired score or placement.  In business we should expect that a successful outcome includes an increase in sales and profits.

I am 62-years-young and I offer 40 years of sales prospecting knowledge. For the first 15 years of my work life I have successfully done outside sales (office equipment) and managed sales teams.  For the past 25 years I have run Dunlap Marketing, a prospecting and appointment setting company. During this time I have designed, built and implemented 100s of successful prospecting campaigns. I am a “outside of the box” thinker and I often subscribe to old school sales techniques.  My personal accomplishments include having done 1 Ironman Triathlon, run 8 marathons, run 50- and 100-mile ultra-marathons.  I have competed in 3 US National water ski tournaments.  Most all of this in the last 14 years.  I still have US Nationals and ultra-marathons on my radar as I have bucket list items still to check off.  When there's a goal in sight, I know how to create a plan, then stick with the plan until the goal is achieved.  This is something I practice in both my personal and professional life.

I have been married to the same wonderful women for 35 years and together we have raised 3 beautiful daughters.  Seven years ago, I gained a terrific son-in-law and in December of 2020 we became the very proud grandparents to our first granddaughter.

I live my life simply: love God, love my family, love my business, and love myself.  I stay healthy and in shape.  I foster great friendships.  I work hard so I can play hard.  I believe the value of being prepared.

Then we asked him, "How can you help clients?":

My job in working with you is to identify areas that are either missing or that can be improved specific to prospecting and business development.  Let’s match these areas up with your expectations, and then gain agreement on strategy.  We can then develop plans and outline timelines consistent with your expectations.  We then implement the plan and with time, you will start to enjoy the increase in new business activities. Admittedly the above is overly simplified -  my belief is prospecting is hard work, so if you are going to do the work, lets expect to get the greatest return possible.

Next we asked, "How does your pricing work?":

I knew this question was coming 🙂 I might be 62-years-young, but I'm too old to deal with complicated pricing.  I like to keep it simple:

  • Hourly rate - $250.00
  • Daily rate - $1,800.00 plus expenses
  • Two or more days - lets talk, I value ongoing business relationships

Finally, we asked Mike, "Where can people get in touch with you?":

Give me a call or send me an email, I look forward to talking: