​In most industries and services, telemarketing programs produce results and positive ROI is achieved. The key is having programs and processes properly set up. The Dunlap leadership team knows the correct way to set up successful telemarketing campaigns.

Your budget might not allow you to pay a center to make your calls, or you might feel compelled to do your calling internally. The process remains the same, weather your team or the Dunlap team executes the calls.

Dunlap Marketing will instruct you and work closely with you on developing your campaign. We will guide you through creating a message, database development, CRM, staff training, implementation, pacing, reporting, and ongoing management.

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“The Dunlap Team is the best in the business. Their ability to understand what we wanted to accomplish and then to advise how to get there was more than I expected. The Dunlap Team worked with us to change and customize our approach as the year went along because they truly cared about getting the results we expected.” – Jeff