Why is Cold Calling Important in 2024?

Cold calling has a very specific purpose:  Human-to-human interaction with your prospects. Often, this purpose is forgotten – not because it’s unimportant, but because most sales people do not enjoy it. As a matter of fact, business-to-business telemarketing and cold calling in 2024 remains an important discipline that needs to be applied to any sales […]

Three Steps to Launching a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

Starting a new telemarketing campaign requires careful planning and execution to ensure success. While there are dozens of steps that need to be taken to set your campaign up to be as successful as possible, we have narrowed the list to the three most important.  By following these tips, you can lay a solid foundation […]

Should You Always Talk to the Decision Maker When Cold Calling?

In most sales cycles, speaking with the decision maker becomes crucial, typically in later stages. However, at the beginning of the sales cycle, it’s often unnecessary to speak directly with them to be effective. In fact, it’s my belief that in most situations it is not critical to speak with the decision maker to be […]

The Power of Effective Teleprospecting in B2B Sales

While having a review call with the Sales Manager of a  Fortune 100 client this week, I was humbled by his overall feedback of how Dunlap Marketing is moving the needle forward for his team. The main reason for our call was to review recent appointments that Dunlap Marketing had produced for the sales team.  […]