The Power of Effective Teleprospecting in B2B Sales

While having a review call with the Sales Manager of a  Fortune 100 client this week, I was humbled by his overall feedback of how Dunlap Marketing is moving the needle forward for his team. The main reason for our call was to review recent appointments that Dunlap Marketing had produced for the sales team.  […]

Does telephone-call-based appointment setting still work?

This is a question I hear more and more frequently.  The quick answer? Yes.  The long answer? Yes, but let’s talk about it.  First, if you agree that not every business person responds to only one prospecting method, then I suggest effective B2B prospecting includes the use of multiple prospecting methods, such as: If your […]

12 B2B Touchpoints to Incorporate in Your Sales Cycle

Some sources will tell you it takes 8 touchpoints to make a sale in the B2B world. Others will tell you it takes 8 touchpoints just to book an initial sales call. No matter the actual statistic, the truth is that it takes multiple touchpoints to convert a lead to a customer. Before we dive […]

Call-Based Appointment Setting

Properly Identifying Your Best Prospects Last week both of these emails were sent to me by Dunlap Marketing customers.  “I just wanted to give your team a quick shout out. I just got off a call with the TMRS and they are a perfect fit for our platform, the appointment was set by your team. […]