The Benefit of Utilizing Multiple Lead Generation Approaches

Let’s say your friend invites you to join on a mountain climbing trip. Your first thought is, “this sounds awesome!” Your second thought might be, “what in the world do I bring to climb a mountain?!” Mountain Climbing Resources Here at Dunlap Marketing, we’re not mountain climbing experts. However, we do know there are multiple […]

Quality Control is Important with Telemarketing / Teleprospecting

For our clients, appointment setting phone calls are recorded and saved. Dunlap Marketing has found that because of this process, we gain more client renewals. As a result, there are a number of benefits. Client Benefits: Dunlap management is able to verify that a proper appointment has been set, and that all necessary qualifying questions […]

Why is Cold Calling Important?

Cold calling has a very specific purpose: to have a human-to-human interaction with your prospects. Often, this purpose is forgotten – not because it’s unimportant, but because most sales people don’t like doing it. As a matter of fact, telemarketing and cold calling remains an important discipline to apply to any sales role. In many […]