Telemarketing, Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Database Development & Custom Survey Services

Our telemarketing services support each step of your sales cycle, from list development and research, to prospecting and lead generation, to appointment setting to satisfaction surveys.


Telemarketing can be a hard pill for companies to swallow. Companies can invest in software and hardware to improve call volume and telemarketing training for salespeople, but dialing technology can quickly become outdated and training can be expensive.

Put our state of the art technology and professional phone representatives to work for you. We utilize the latest in phone dialing that can help our reps increase productivity 300% manual dialing. Our system places calls and sends only the live answers to our staff, eliminating time spent on disconnected numbers, no answers, busy signals and answering machines. Computer telephony allows the staff to spend more time having conversations with potential prospects and less time between calls, increasing results for you.

Database Development and Research

One of the most important elements of any marketing program is the identification of proper database records. This must be done prior to the implementation of any teleprospecting, direct mail or marketing program.

Whether or not you use Dunlap Marketing’s prospecting services, we can assist you in targeting and profiling your prospects. Investing in development of your database is as critical as any other phase of your marketing program.

The following are examples of typical database considerations:

Business to Business

  • SIC Code (industry or business type)
  • Annual revenue ranges
  • Number of employees (or range)
  • Headquarters, branch and/or single location
  • Geography (zip code, city, state, national)
  • Years in business

Business to Consumer

  • Income level
  • Homeownership
  • Geography (zip code, city, state, national)
  • Age
  • Family / children status

There are a variety of methods and tools that we use when building a targeted database for clients. The specific method for you is based on the information you already have or know about your customers. If you already have a prospect database and you want to update or expand it, we have solutions to handle this.

Once you have properly identified who your prospects are, you can implement a variety of marketing campaigns over an extended period of time to maximize the effectiveness of your database investment.

With any consumer campaign it is important that we comply with all state and federal Do Not Call regulations. Based on our membership withAmerican Teleservices Association, Dunlap Marketing will guide you through this process.

Research is typically done prior to the implementation of a specific marketing program (direct mail, seminar, trade show, territory assignment) or prior to teleprospecting and lead generation. Goals of research usually include name and title identification of decision makers and key influencers, confirmation of address information, gathering email addresses and identification of current systems and equipment configurations.

Research campaigns are specifically designed to capture as much critical data as possible. It is common for our clients to be working with very short turnaround schedules (with limited staff) when they hire us to perform these jobs.

Prospecting and Lead Generation

Based on defined call objectives, we teleprospect and telemarket into selected database records. During initial stage prospecting (cold calling) we typically utilize advanced technology solutions to maximize staff productivity. Our prospecting processes include making follow up calls, scheduling callbacks and cultivating “farm” leads. Farm leads are opportunities we identify during the course of prospecting that typically require more development time and further confirmation before they can be considered qualified leads.

The value enjoyed in hiring Dunlap Marketing is that we make the quantity of calls required to identify quality opportunities for your company; it’s still a numbers game. Essentially we shoulder a lot of rejection that your sales staff does not have to absorb during the prospecting process, and direct only qualified interested leads to your sales staff saving valuable internal resources.
A typical objective of lead generation campaigns is identifying specific business events within prospective companies that you consider lead qualifiers, including leadership changes, mergers or acquisitions. In most cases these factors include decision maker names, specific timing and detailed notes outlining the conversations held with the company. Most importantly, we have a conversation with a company that informs us of their intent to make a change.

Appointment Setting

By utilizing all the skills and strategies listed in the Lead Generation section, we take the calls one step farther by setting specific time and date appointments.  The main difference with appointment setting are the skills of the Dunlap Marketing staff, (as they need to be more developed).  When we are asking a decision maker to agree to an appointment, they typically start asking specific qualifying questions to us.  Because of this, we must be prepared to handle these questions in a professional and competent manner.

When required we utilize interactive Appointment Scheduler software.  This allows us to manage the process of handling multiple individuals from one client and programming their unique scheduling requirements.

Survey Services

Employee or Client Surveys – It almost always costs less to retain an employee or client than it does to replace them. Be proactive in understanding their needs and feelings by soliciting their feedback. Using an independent third party to ask satisfaction questions allows the employee or client to give open and honest answers. Based on their feedback you are able to respond accurately to their needs.

Research Surveys – Prior to investing significant dollars on an idea or project, have us research and ask potential customers if they would use your product or service offering. Know ahead of time what your customers will want from you.

Dunlap Marketing will assist you in developing a comprehensive solution for conducting satisfaction or research surveys, including:

  • Developing the questions and answer forms
  • Automation of data capture
  • Methods to capture data include telephone calls, e-mail, land mail and/or web based solutions
  • Report generation
  • Presentation of findings
  • Survey frequency

In many instances we find that a blending of survey methods is the best way to maximize the number of completed surveys achieved. Whenever possible it helps if our clients inform their employees or clients that Dunlap Marketing will be contacting them.

Inbound Calls

Clients hire Dunlap Marketing to handle inbound calls for a variety of reasons:

  • Ongoing sales support
  • One time or seasonal event registration (trade shows or seminars)
  • Off hours coverage
  • Overflow or higher than normal call volumes
  • Major advertising campaigns
  • Staff productivity and utilization issues

Each application requires a specific level of training for our staff from our client. This level of expertise is defined by the requirements and expectations of each campaign. Whatever the reason, Dunlap Marketing provides customer service and sales support to our clients.

Inbound calls always take top priority when they come into our ACD (Blended Inbound & Outbound Calls). Our staff is able to be productive before and after inbound calls because they receive outbound calls from different campaigns. There is no idle time waiting for another inbound call. We are able to maximize staff productivity.

All critical information received from these calls is forwarded to you in real time, hourly or daily, based on your requirements.

Other Services

  • Email follow-up
  • Business letters / Direct mail
  • Web based application (Tendenci)
  • Newsletters
  • Database management
  • Consulting services