IT Services Company Says Dunlap Reps Handoff is Seamless

Overview of Client – This is an IT Services company who specializes in technology applications such as Virtualization, Data Center, Managed IT and Professional IT Services. As a 22-year-old Texas company, they target businesses ranging from 25 employees on up to midsize enterprises. This interview was conducted with the President/CEO. At the time of the interview they have used Dunlap Marketing services for four months.  They started with a “pilot project” and renewed it three times.


What specific services does Dunlap Marketing provide for you?

Appointment setting and lead generation.

Why did you outsource these activities to Dunlap Marketing?

Our company was unable to get our act together internally. Prospecting is a challenge for us and it’s not what we do best. Rather than train or hire staff we were able to hire Dunlap Marketing and get better results for less money.

What results did you expect to receive from Dunlap Marketing?

Ideally, 6-12 appointments a month. Most importantly was to be in front of well qualified prospects

Have you achieved these results?

We are moving towards that. We have gone on several very strong appointments that are very promising.

How do these results impact your company/revenue and profitability?

Too early to tell

What do you feel are the strengths of Dunlap Marketing?

They are disciplined and have quality people making the calls. Our company is very technical and they can handle the conversations. I was pleasantly surprised to have such a positive experience outsourcing our prospecting calls. I must admit, I didn’t know if it would be a good fit, but they are much more productive and disciplined than we were. It has made a difference. We went into this with a three month trial and we had solid appointments the first month.

Why did you select Dunlap Marketing to serve your needs?

They were highly recommended by another company.

How well does the Dunlap Marketing team work with your staff?

That’s one of the best parts. We are fortunate to very productive meetings with the management team and they are very responsive.

Do you believe potential customers were able to distinguish any important differences between Dunlap Marketing personnel and your organization?

No, that’s the amazing thing. Companies think it is us calling; the staff is very professional.

How did Dunlap Marketing assist in each of the following areas during the development and implementation of your campaign?

  • Database development: They helped us work out some kinks early on. Later they did a detailed analysis of our prospect data file and they were able to identify a lot of new prospective companies to add to our master list.
  • Scripting and call strategy preparation: They are really good at crafting the perfect message to get the best results.
  • Staff orientation and training: We had many sessions with the staff that proved key to a successful campaign. We worked with Dunlap Marketing to get things just right.
  • Early stage remote monitoring and coaching: We used this in the beginning of our campaign and it helped us tailor our message. We are now at a point where Dunlap Marketing knows exactly what we need.
  • Reports and delivery of ongoing results: These are very timely with good detailed information. Gives you an accurate picture of the status of the calls.
  • Importance of your project manager: Very important to the overall success of our job. He is very responsive and professional, easy to work with.


Overall impression of using Dunlap Marketing for prospecting services?

I have been pleasantly surprised. I didn’t know if this would be a good fit for our company, but they have the discipline and knowledge to make good, quality calls. They are far more productive than we could have been. They are easy to work with and very professional.