Achieving Success

Ultimately our success is based on your success. Dunlap Marketing  will work hard to maximize your investment and maximize your success resulting from our services. The following are the primary factors that result in the overall success of our call campaigns:

  • Dunlap Marketing employs staff members and managers who take pride in their work and who strive to generate credible selling opportunities for our clients
  • We listen to the specific needs and ask detailed questions of every client prior to formalizing a working relationship, this allows us to clearly understand your expectations and goals
  • Build a database that targets the specific type and size of companies that are of most importance to each client
  • Together we develop scripting and call strategy documents that contain the content necessary for Dunlap Marketing’s staff members to achieve success with every call
  • Apply computer telephony applications to the calling process so we are able to maximize efficiency for every campaign
  • Properly train and prepare our staff on the details of every campaign, with assistance from each client
  • Implement the calling phase of the campaign and have management supervision ongoing to make sure strategies are being applied properly
  • We ask our clients to remotely monitor actual calls during the first couple weeks of the campaign, and we ask that they provide coaching assistance to the staff after monitoring sessions, typically monitoring 4 to 5 calling sessions, each lasting about 35 to 45 minutes
  • Report results and call statistics regularly with each client
  • And if we succeed with this process, we hope that you continue to use our services

Client satisfaction is important to us. Based on this we do not ask for long term contracts or long term financial commitments. Our belief is, if we do outstanding work for you, you will continue to use our services. Because of our philosophy, we do not need long term contracts.

Implementation Process

Identify the specific expectations and objectives of a client

  • Develop a database – target the specific business types, number of employees, annualized revenue ranges and geography of companies that are of most importance to each client
  • Develop scripting and call strategy documents – containing the necessary content for a staff member to advance through a call and address commonly asked questions
  • Program the computer telephony applications, import the database and define follow up procedures for each call record
  • Assign a project manager to the campaign , this person will be responsible for day-to-day activities of our staff and will communicate results to the client
  • Train and prepare our staff on the details of every campaign, with assistance from each client (we ask for client involvement during this phase)
  • Implementation of the calls
  • Ask our clients to monitor our phone calls and coach our staff, especially in the early stages of a new campaign – 4 to 5 sessions of monitoring is significant in fine tuning the message over the first 2 weeks
  • Ongoing communication with clients throughout the life of the campaign

Pilot Programs

Telephone call based prospecting, appointment setting and information gathering is a very proven method of generating sales leads or scheduling appointments. This approach falls into a category of “Salesmanship 101” practices, time tested strategies of identifying selling opportunities. However from time to time we are not sure how to project final results of a calling campaign. Additionally every campaign seems to have specific client expectations that influence final results.

When this is the case we suggest implementing a “pilot” program. Dunlap Marketing will bundle all the necessary components to kick off a campaign. All the services will be packaged together and will be presented with a turnkey fixed price. This allows you to know what your maximum financial commitment will be, and you will know the scope of services that is being provided. There is no long-term contract or commitment. Dunlap Marketing will provide summary reporting along the way and at the completion of the program. Based on results you are much more educated, allowing you to make long term decisions.

During the pilot program we ask that you allocate some time to help fine tune our efforts. You do this by listening to actual calls being make on your behalf. By monitoring calls you are able to hear how we present your message and how prospects respond to the message. It is common for clients to make adjustments to the message through the pilot period. Additionally you are able to coach and inform our staff on the best ways to handle prospect objections and questions.

For more information on how Dunlap Marketing can help you with developing a Pilot Program please call 877-386-6275 x140 or Contact Us today!