Bank’s CEO values business-to-business appointments set by Dunlap Marketing

How can business-to-business appointments help your sales team? The following interview was conducted with the CEO of a bank client in spring 2014 – read through the Q&A session to get a good idea of the success this bank has had with Dunlap Marketing’s appointment setting and lead generation services.

Overview of Client:

This client is a commercial business bank located in central Texas. Their customer focus is businesses that do between $2MM to $25MM in annualized revenue. The bank has been a long-term customer of Dunlap Marketing.


Q: What specific services does Dunlap Marketing provide for you?

A: We are a 100% electronic virtual bank. Dunlap Marketing prospects for business-to-business appointments for our bankers. We cater to the commercial industrial industry and target a very specific market. Dunlap has zeroed in on that niche market.

Q: Why did you outsource these activities to Dunlap Marketing?

A: We don’t have the staff to handle it. We are not after the masses, as we are a boutique bank. When you analyze this on a cost basis versus other marketing expenses, the cost of Dunlap Marketing is less and is well worth the money spent.

Q: What results did you expect to receive from Dunlap Marketing?

A: We expected to get in front of more prospects and to close more business.

Q: Have you achieved these results?

A: Absolutely, the results have been phenomenal! We probably close one in twenty leads in a month. If you extend the time to 30+ days, our close rate is even higher. This speaks well of the quality of business-to-business appointments Dunlap provides. They are much more effective than other marketing and media tools.

Q: How do these results impact your company/revenue and profitability?

A: We have doubled our deposits in two months and we are a two year old bank!

Q: What do you feel are the strengths of Dunlap Marketing?

A: The quality of the prospect records. I have also received compliments about Dunlap Marketing’s staff. I had one client tell me he had never allowed a telemarketer to talk to him before; he thought the Dunlap caller was a member of my staff. He was impressed with how professional the caller was.

Q: Why did you select Dunlap Marketing to serve your needs?

A: They were referred to us by another company.

Q: Do you believe potential customers were able to distinguish any important differences between Dunlap Marketing personnel and your organization?

A: As I mentioned before, not at all. The Dunlap staff is very good at what they do.

Q: What impact has there been with your business productivity/efficiency as a result of using Dunlap Marketing services?

A: There has been a tremendous positive impact on efficiency. I can concentrate on closing business. Dunlap Marketing allows me to deal with people who have already expressed an interest in our unique services.

Q: How did Dunlap Marketing assist in each of the following areas during the development and implementation of your campaign?

  • Database development – Over the years, Dunlap has provided data based on our changing needs. We have asked them to expand and contract geography and we have asked to move upward in annual revenue ranges of our target prospects. Whatever our database needs have been, Dunlap Marketing has responded accordingly.
  • Scripting and call strategy preparation – Dunlap helped get the wording just right to be the most effective.
  • Staff orientation and training – The Dunlap staff knows what they are doing, I haven’t been too involved in this.
  • Reports and delivery of ongoing results – I like having the results in front of me, very helpful
  • Importance of your project manager – To be honest, I don’t even think about it, it’s become so natural, and that is a good thing.


Q: Overall impression of using Dunlap Marketing for prospecting services?

A: Dunlap Marketing has been a good complement to our sales efforts at the bank. We are a good blend and a very effective team.


For more information on how Dunlap Marketing can assist your team, please reach out to Mike Dunlap at 281.496.9870 x. 140 or