Identify the specific expectations and objectives of a client

  • Develop a database – target the specific business types, number of employees, annualized revenue ranges and geography of companies that are of most importance to each client
  • Develop scripting and call strategy documents – containing the necessary content for a staff member to advance through a call and address commonly asked questions
  • Program the computer telephony applications, import the database and define follow up procedures for each call record
  • Assign a project manager to the campaign , this person will be responsible for day-to-day activities of our staff and will communicate results to the client
  • Train and prepare our staff on the details of every campaign, with assistance from each client (we ask for client involvement during this phase)
  • Implementation of the calls
  • Ask our clients to monitor our phone calls and coach our staff, especially in the early stages of a new campaign – 4 to 5 sessions of monitoring is significant in fine tuning the message over the first 2 weeks
  • Ongoing communication with clients throughout the life of the campaign

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