Consumer Services Client Says Dunlap Works Hard to Customize Campaigns

Overview of Client – This is a customer who started using our services in March of 1996. We initially supported their Texas region and then expanded to support all seven regions around the country. The interview was conducted with the General Sales Manager of the Texas region.


What specific services(s) does Dunlap Marketing provide for you?

  • Outbound calling campaigns on our existing lead database
  • Event calling for specific sales event
  • Research into our existing database

What was your business challenge or need that motivated you to seek the services of Dunlap Marketing?

  • We had more leads coming in than we could service
  • We had older leads that we were no longer actively working
  • We had events scheduled that we needed a large volume of contact calls over a short period of time
  • We had questions we wanted asked by a non-biased third party

Why did you outsource these activities to Dunlap Marketing?

They were professional, credible and affordable.

What results did you expect to receive from Dunlap Marketing?

Increased sales and revenue!

Have you achieved these results? Absolutely!

How do these results impact your company / revenue and profitability?

Dunlap has helped us achieve Division of the Year for Anthony & Sylvan Pools 3 of the past 4 years.

What do you feel are the strengths of Dunlap Marketing?

They really work hard to understand our business and to implement scripts and programs that match up well to our potential customers.

Why did you select Dunlap Marketing to serve your needs?

I spoke with 3-4 vendors and they were the ones who really wanted to understand our needs before quoting us their services. They were also priced well (in the middle) of the other vendors we spoke with.

How well does the Dunlap Marketing team work with your staff?

They have responded to all our requests and have customized reporting, work product, and follow through to our needs.

Describe the level of professionalism you experience with the Dunlap Marketing staff?

Absolutely the highest and every member of the Dunlap Marketing team performs professionally with our customers and our staff.

Do you believe potential customers were able to distinguish any important differences between Dunlap Marketing personnel and your organization?

No, the conversation with our customers and potential customers have been seamless to the customer. The Dunlap staff act as an extension of our own personnel.

What impact has there been with your business productivity/efficiency as a result of using Dunlap Marketing services?

We were able to handle three divisions worth of leads and prospects this year with no increase in staff or significant overhead thanks to Dunlap.

How did Dunlap Marketing assist in each of the following areas during the development and implementation of your campaign?

  • Database development – N/A, we provide them to Dunlap.
  • Scripting and call strategy preparation – Dunlap worked hand in hand with us again this year to develop scripts and promotions for our call campaigns.
  • Staff orientation and training – We did this in the early years but Dunlap takes the lead roll in preparing their staff for our calls.
  • Early stage remote monitoring and coaching – We have not taken advantage of remote monitoring this year but we continued with occasional site visits here in Houston.
  • Reports and delivery of ongoing results – Reports were delivered in a timely, accurate and easy to understand format and we occasionally asked for a different “slice” of the calling data. Those were always provided as requested.
  • Importance of your project manager – As I stated, the project manager and all the staff at Dunlap Marketing are top notch professionals.