In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, these unusual times require unusual and bold thinking. Are there businesses that need your type of service more than ever right now? Think broadly when you ponder this question. 

Dunlap Marketing is offering an affordable, do-it-yourself calling package. It is a short-term "get back to work" package designed for you. It is perfect for salespeople who are trying to keep their pipelines flowing while working from home. This could be a way for you to accomplish two things: 1) help businesses that can benefit from your service and 2) keep your business momentum going. All you need is a phone and computer.

COVID-19 DIY Calling Package


  • 30-minute coaching call - goal is to brainstorm on calling strategies and encourage action *
  • Scripting/Messaging - includes two edits **
  • 100 prospect data records - demographics defined by you ***
  • "Call-ready" Excel file ****

Price: $300

Renewal Option:

  • 30-minute follow up coaching call
  • Script/Messaging update and tweaking
  • 100 new prospect data records - demographics defined by you
  • The same "call-ready" Excel file

Price: $200


* You may or may not need to hear our 24 years of passion based on the need and value of making prospecting calls - more so right now during these unprecedented times 

** Two script edits are based on you providing the first, completed draft

*** Demographics to most likely include: industry type, number of employees, annualized revenue ranges, geography, and others

**** In addition to typical data fields, the file will include fields to capture end results, next steps, and call back dates - this all being helpful if you do not work inside a CRM tool


Credit card payment only (American Express, Visa, Master Card)

For more information, contact us here, email at, or call at 281.496.9870 x 180.