Business Bankers – Appointment Setting Case Study

Business Bankers – Appointment Setting Services Goal – To generate a steady flow of “new business” appointments targeting companies with revenues from $2.5M to $10M. Background – In the fall of 2014, we developed an appointment setting campaign for a regional bank that has 80+ branch locations inside of three major metropolitan areas – their […]

6 Steps to Implement a Telemarketing Campaign

Telemarketing can be difficult and take long hours to prepare for campaigns, sometimes with few results. But in a time where emails are going unread, telemarketing is still the best way to get in contact with your prospects and customers. Thus, it’s vitally important to properly prepare, set up and implement your telemarketing campaign. Here’s how: […]

Using Telemarketing for New Hire Screening

Your high-turnover company needs 12 new hires to complete an urgent project. If qualified candidates aren’t found, the company could face lost revenue, and damaged client relationships. In order to meet a quick time frame, this company turned to an outsourced telemarketing company to help with initial applicant screening. “We take pride in responding to client […]