Using Telemarketing for New Hire Screening

Your high-turnover company needs 12 new hires to complete an urgent project. If qualified candidates aren’t found, the company could face lost revenue, and damaged client relationships. In order to meet a quick time frame, this company turned to an outsourced telemarketing company to help with initial applicant screening. “We take pride in responding to client […]

Consumer Services Client Says Dunlap Works Hard to Customize Campaigns

Overview of Client – This is a customer who started using our services in March of 1996. We initially supported their Texas region and then expanded to support all seven regions around the country. The interview was conducted with the General Sales Manager of the Texas region. 

 What specific services(s) does Dunlap Marketing provide for […]

IT Services Company Says Dunlap Reps Handoff is Seamless

Overview of Client – This is an IT Services company who specializes in technology applications such as Virtualization, Data Center, Managed IT and Professional IT Services. As a 22-year-old Texas company, they target businesses ranging from 25 employees on up to midsize enterprises. This interview was conducted with the President/CEO. At the time of the interview […]

Closing a Single Sale from Dunlap Marketing Leads Pays for a Full Year of Service

Client Overview – This banker has been a customer of Dunlap Marketing for 4 ½ years and has received approximately 400 appointments with Houston businesses.  Target annualized revenues for these businesses ranged from $1M to $10M. What is the most significant way you bring new business customers into the bank?  “By far and away a major […]