A Note from Our President, Mike Dunlap

Today, Dunlap Marketing's president, Mike Dunlap, shared the following message on his LinkedIn account.

Please spread the word - if you know an essential business that is being overloaded with inbound call volume because of coronavirus related demands, we can help. Dunlap Marketing is happy to apply our idle capacity to a non-profit or for-profit organization that is challenged right now with higher than normal demand. We can also be a resource if outbound calls are the priority during this crisis period. All we ask is for our direct cost to be covered.

Generally, projects like this can be setup very quickly.

Holy cow! We love making our customers happy!

happy cow

There’s nothing like starting off the day with a smile. Nothing makes us smile more than happy customers – check out this sequence of events that happened during a project with the goal of setting up appointments.

We picked up 2 appointments yesterday – great stuff! But, is there a way to pick up the speed? Is it possible to get 8 Corporate appointments today?


After receiving this request to ramp up, Dunlap arranged to train a few more experienced staff members on the project and get them working on it ASAP. At the end of the day, this message came in from our client:

Home run today! Looks like your team captured 8 appointments that will be followed up on tomorrow. Fantastic! Can we do two more similar days for Corporate and then move to 5 other target locations?


And then the next morning, we woke up to find this in our inbox:

Do we have any additional capacity available within Dunlap? I’d love to see 20 Corporate appointments today. Then once we capture that, let’s shift focus to the 5 other locations. I want to push as hard as we possibly can and capture 28 appointments in each of the target locations.


Holy cow! We love making our customers happy! It definitely puts a big smile on our faces!

 Holy cow! We love making our customers happy!

Interested in learning more about how Dunlap Marketing’s lead generation, appointment setting, and other telemarketing services can put a smile on your face? Call us today – 281.496.9870 ext. 140.

Summer 2017 Internship Program Partnership and the Business Marketing Association

Dunlap Marketing has maintained a summer and winter internship program since 2004. Throughout the program, Dunlap has seen many interns use the skills learned during their internships to give them a leg up in their future careers.

“My summer as an intern at Dunlap Marketing has made me a much more confident employee and gave me a taste for working in the marketing world.” – Sarah, Summer 2017

Dunlap’s internship program allows students, or recent graduates, to learn and execute entry-level campaigns, such as research calls and basic surveys. In addition to campaign work, interns also participate in weekly breakout sessions. Breakout sessions help interns “connect the dots” between what they learn in marketing classes and real-life marketing experiences. Examples of breakout sessions include Q&As with Mike Dunlap, the founder and president of Dunlap Marketing, brainstorming activities, and leadership fundamentals.

“Hearing Mr. Dunlap talk about why he does and doesn’t do certain things in business will come in handy in the future. Receiving insight like that isn’t common in internships and I gained a lot from it.” – Allen, Summer 2016

Internship Program Partnership with the Business Marketing Association

To continue the 13-year history of hiring qualified intern candidates, Dunlap partnered with Houston’s Business Marketing Association (BMA) chapter for the Summer 2017 Intern Program. BMA’s internship program, the Vic Cherubini Internship Program, was started in 1997 by BMA member, Vic Cherubini, who saw the benefit of investing time into future marketers.

“In 1994, I suggested to the BMA president and board of directors for the Houston chapter to start a College Scholarship program for one scholarship to benefit a BMA member’s child. We did, and it proved to be very popular. The next year we started an auction with the sole purpose of raising money for additional scholarships. The success of the auction allowed us to fund two scholarships and our first internship in 1996. By 2000, we were funding 6 scholarships and 6 internships each year. These programs have helped dozens of college students over the years, and several of our recipients are working in the field of B2B marketing today.” – Vic Cherubini


The Vic Cherubini Internship Program provides internships at BMA member companies for the Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters. The program is designed for students who are studying marketing, advertising, and other related subjects. The goal is for all BMA internships to give interns the opportunity to learn different aspects of the marketing field.

“The internship program creates opportunities for business marketing students to gain experience in their chosen field. It also provides valuable assistance to member companies who host the interns. In the last decade, the Houston chapter supported nearly 70 internships with local companies. Pairing the students’ education with the work experience from their internships made them highly qualified business-to-business marketers; many of those interns were later hired by their host company. This program has been an incredible benefit to students as well as BMA members who host those interns.” – Brian Nessen, BMA Houston Scholarships and Internships Program Chair


In the words of Dunlap intern, Luke, “BMA and Dunlap Marketing have opened the door to many opportunities for me. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate their help in developing my strong suites and paving a path for my success.” After Luke’s internship at Dunlap, he was quickly hired at a local Houston firm where he uses skills learned during his internship daily. “I have to thank Dunlap for getting me on this track!” concludes Luke.

BMA Houston currently offers 10 internships annually. For more information on BMA’s Vic Cherubini Internship Program, please contact Brian Nessen at briann@stonefortgroup.com or 713.705.1512.

For more information on Dunlap Marketing, please contact Kaitlin Dunlap Cuevas at kaitlind@dunlapmarketing.com or 281.496.9870 x 180.

How to Write Quality Notes While Teleprospecting


[We] were just discussing how invaluable your team’s discussion notes were to understanding what’s going on with our target attendees. Very insightful. – Rebecca, Los Angeles, CA


Knowing how to write quality notes while teleprospecting is a necessary skill required to achieve positive outcomes from your calling efforts. Frankly, cold calling is a waste of time if notes documenting the conversations are not a factor. If you have a list of 1,000 prospects to call, how can you expect to remember the conversation you had with Mr. Smith at 123.456.7890? It’s nearly impossible!

The good news is if you keep the following tips in mind, it’s simple to take useful notes while teleprospecting.

How to Write Quality Notes While Teleprospecting

Brief, yet thorough

Remember that these are notes; therefore, they do not need to be overly extensive. Keep them brief and to the point. To help make sure you don’t leave out any pertinent information, keep in mind the 5 W’s and 1H – who, what, when, where, why, and how. For example:

  1. Who did you speak to / who do you need to speak with next time / who is the decision maker
  2. What did you speak about / what are your next steps (ie: follow up call, send email with more information, etc.)
  3. When did you call / when is a good time to reach the decision maker / when did the decision maker ask you to call back
  4. Where is the decision maker located (important to note time zones when a follow up call will occur) / if a face-to-face appointment was scheduled, where are you meeting
  5. Why was the prospect interested in your product or service
  6. How did the prospect sound – very interested or somewhat interested? This can be defined as a hot, warm, or cold lead, depending on interest level

Easy to read

While reviewing notes, it is easier to read short blurbs or bulleted lists as compared to long paragraphs. The eyes can quickly skim when the information is spaced out. This is not the time to see how many words you can fit on one piece of paper!

Quick to write down/capture

Shorthand is a great tool to use while taking notes. Dunlap Marketing’s president, Mike Dunlap, is a fan of using shorthand and frequently uses it himself. Here is his shorthand key:

  • TT – talked to
  • SIT – still in touch
  • CB – call back
  • TA – try again
  • LVM – left voicemail
  • DM – decision maker

Need to “spark” your memory

The bottom line is your notes need to be able to jog your memory or inform the person you’re passing them along to of the conversation you had. They also need to clearly state what the appropriate next steps are.

Don’t waste the time you dedicate to cold calling – take quality notes to make sure you achieve the best possible outcome of your teleprospecting efforts.