Using Telemarketing for New Hire Screening

Your high-turnover company needs 12 new hires to complete an urgent project. If qualified candidates aren’t found, the company could face lost revenue, and damaged client relationships. In order to meet a quick time frame, this company turned to an outsourced telemarketing company to help with initial applicant screening.

“We take pride in responding to client challenges and delivering solid results to them, this is what motivates clients to rehire us over and over,” says Mike Dunlap, the owner of Dunlap Marketing. The company had an urgent need to quickly hire 12 qualified laborers to help staff new crews “We got the phone call and quickly sprang into action. Over the course of two detailed phone discussions, we developed a very specific game plan, gained client approval and began implementation, all inside of two days,” states Mike.

The game plan consisted of two separate parts. The first was setting a group interview date at the client office; the second was reviewing and vetting over 100 potential candidates. Once a foundation of candidates had been gathered, Mike’s recruiters, cross trained in telemarketing, started calling each candidate to qualify them. This process included asking nine qualifying questions specific to job history and capabilities to perform the new job.

If candidates met the requirements, Dunlap Marketing emailed them an application. In the email, the candidate was given a few vital pieces of information: instructions on how to return the completed application, encouragement to complete/return it as soon as possible, and an outline of job duties and contact information. During this period, inbound call activity became heavy as voice mail messages were being responded to and applicants calling with questions.

In the course of six quick days, the field was narrowed down to the top 20 candidates, all of which had returned a completed application. These 20 were then invited to the group interview the following week. Sixteen out of the 20 candidates showed up for the interview, and according to the client, all 16 were well qualified. Following a group presentation, each went through individual interviews and ultimately 12 were selected and offered full time jobs. All 12 candidates accepted the job offer.

What does it take to go from zero to 12 necessary new hires in 10 days? It takes a team who has the experience, desire, and the ability to respond immediately to a client need. Virtually no time was required of the client human resources department until new hire packets were distributed to the 12 employees.